Jean Wu, President/Broker
Master of Architecture Degree
Jean Wu Realty

Direct Line: 410.299.1924

I provide a wide variety of services for buyers. If you choose to have me represent you, I can negotiate on your behalf to get you a fair price on the property you are buying. I can pass on information to you that may improve your bargaining position, and keep information confidential that may hurt your bargaining position. In a tight market, where few houses are available, I can get you detailed information about property as soon as it comes on the market, and help you compete with buyers represented by other agents.

As your agent Iíll explain the entire sales process for you from beginning to end, and walk you through every step along the way. I can assist you in arranging financing and title work for the property. Iíll explain the costs involved, like what you will need for an earnest money deposit, loan application, home inspection and settlement. Also, I will constantly monitor the transaction to make sure everything is done correctly. Just let me take care of everything!